The 8 Week Pre Season Exercise Programme

Designed to Bulletproof The Equestrian Body

Our tried and tested formula aims to help riders feel more confident in the saddle, reach further in their hooks, improve accuracy of the nearside & backhand shots, reduce risk of injury and recover quicker in-between games.



Improve suppleness and flexibility

Enhance control in the saddle

Gain new confidence and ease in your hooks and nearside shots with our core workouts

Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your swings

Fuel your body better for increased recovery and sustained energy levels

Stay motivated with our weekly videos & emails and daily motivational tools

Gain that competitive edge

Recover quicker in-between chukkas with our HIIT workouts


Each day the calender will present a daily warmup, 20-30 minute workout and stretching routine, as well as a weekly shopping list and daily meal suggestions.

We also have some discounts from associated equestrian brands which you will unlock each week as a reward, so remember to take advantage of them!

Special Introductory Offer




What happens if I sign up then realise the programme isn’t for me?
Don’t worry we have a 7 day free trial on offer to give you a taste of what the programme involves.
Do I have to exercise everyday? I have a busy family and work life
There are 5 workouts to complete each week – they are approx. 20 min long so won’t take up too much of your time. Plus the workouts can be completed anywhere, anyplace, any time!
How will I know I have the energy to complete the pre season? I am pretty unfit.
The workouts are relatively short and you can adapt them to fit your fitness level (give yourself a longer rest, change the exercises to suit your injuries or strength level). We also have alternative workouts over in our main membership hub. We also have weekly shopping lists and daily meal plans available to ensure you stay fully energised throughout the programme!
I travel a lot – do I need lots of gym equipment and space?
The workouts are mainly body weight but there are a few that require a resistance band and 1-2 small weights. However, the amount of resistance can be added or reduced if you wish to adapt the level of difficulty.